YouTube MUA’s Let Boyfriends Do Their Makeup

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These YouTube makeup artists have been tagged by their followers to let their boyfriends do their makeup. The rules are simple: the artists can lay out the products, but they can’t reveal what they are for or how to use them. From eyeliner gone wrong to an MUA boyfriend, see the surprising (and hilarious) results below!

YouTube MUA’s Let Boyfriends Do Their Makeup (Dominique attempting to curl girlfriend and makeup artist, Michelle Phan’s, eyelashes)

  1. Michelle Phan

    YouTube famous MUA Michelle Phan lets her boyfriend, Dominique, give her a smokey eye. Will her significant other be as good as she is? Watch above as he tries his hand at makeup and takes on every man’s worst fear, the eyelash curler.

  2. Christina of suhrealmakeup

    Christina of suhrealmakeup let’s her boyfriend, Phil, give her a makeup look inspired by Jessica Alba. Press play to see Phil explain the look step-by-step as he attempts a YouTube worthy makeup tutorial.

  3. Samantha of beautycrush

    Samantha, MUA behind beautycrush, and her boyfriend Jason show us their version of the “boyfriend does girlfriend’s makeup” tag. Watch above to see Jason trying to pick the right lipstick color for his interpretation of a fresh-faced look.

  4. Mirella of mirellabellebeauty

    Mirella of mirellabellebeauty is one step ahead of the tag-- her boyfriend, Bradley, learned how to do makeup while working at a department store. See the video above to watch him give Mirella a perfect, springtime makeup look.

  5. Dejhana of Waite a Little

    Dejhana, MUA behind Waite a Little, and her boyfriend Mario go vibrant in their version of this tag. Will Mario be able to fill in Dehjana’s eyebrows? Press play to see how he navigates her makeup bag above.

Laugh or cringe, these feel-good videos are definitely entertaining. So, would you ever let your significant other do your makeup? Leave your comments below.
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