Beauty Hack: 3 Warm Weather Makeup Looks

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As the weather continues to get warmer, it’s time to switch out your winter makeup routine with some fresh looks for summer. Smokey eyes get a bronze makeover, foundation gets dewier, and pops of colors other than red are easy ways to get your makeup look summer ready.

See our favorite warm weather beauty looks in the tutorials below!

Summer Glow:

Less is more in Haus of Color’s “Summer Glow” makeup tutorial. Minimal foundation, neutral eyeshadows, and just a touch of mascara keep this look fresh and lightweight, making it perfect for warmer weather.

Summer Night Out:

This look by Rachel Leary is for those of you who are looking forward to endless nights out this summer. Your eyes are the focus of this look, so keep everything else to a minimum. Add false lashes for extra drama and finish with a pale pink lip color for the ultimate summer night out look.

Sweat Proof Makeup:

We’ve all wondered how to avoid melted makeup in the summer heat, and Stephanie Lange walks us through how to achieve a sweat proof AND waterproof makeup look. Invest in a waterproof foundation for coverage and a makeup setting spray to keep everything in place.
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