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Wedding season is fast approaching and every bride knows that one of the most important things to make this fairytale-dream come true is have the right wedding dress.

To all the brides-to-be out there, worry not. We’ll help you on your quest for the perfect fit. Here is some of the best bridal from around the world designed for the modern woman. Which one suits you best?

North America

For the classic modern bride, designs from the United States and Canada would be your style. Simple yet elegant with not so much frills that are easy to customize according to your liking.

BADGLEY MISCHKA (USA) New York International Bridal Week

INES DI SANTO (Canada) Bridal Couture Collection


JUSTIN ALEXANDER (USA) Barcelona Bridal Week


If you love couture and avant-garde, European wedding dresses would be your go-to designs. From lace, frills, fluff, crystals to feathers, this most iconic fashionable region has got it all.

CHIARADE (Italy) New York International Bridal Week

YOLANCRIS (Spain) Barcelona Bridal Week


BIZUU (Poland) Bridal Collection

MARCO & MARÍA (Spain) Barcelona Bridal Week

INMACULADA GARCIA (Spain) Barcelona Bridal Week

DANIJELA BOZIC (UK) Serbia Fashion Week

Middle East

If you dream of becoming a queen on your wedding day, shine bright with diamonds that are delicately embedded in these Middle Eastern designs. Crystals and precious stones ornate simple to intricate designs delicately crafted to fit a royal.

JULIETTE N WHITE (Kuwait) Kuwait Fashion Week

SHLOMIT AZRAD (Israel) New York International Bridal Week

LIAN ROKMAN (Israel) New York International Bridal Week

RISH BY YOAV RISH (Israel) New York International Bridal Week


For the uniquely adventurous type, a pop of color and modern fusion designs from Asia would be your niche. Traditional yet futuristic, oriental with a western touch, Asian fashion continues to evolve without disregarding its cultural origins.

YUMI KATSURA (Japan) New York International Bridal Week

YUMI KATSURA (Japan) New York International Bridal Week

YUMI KATSURA (Japan) New York International Bridal Week

BIBI LONDON (India) Asian Bride Live

TEHXEEB LONDON (India) Asian Bride

YUMI KATSURA (Japan) New York International Bridal Week

A wedding dress speaks a lot but no matter what you wear, as long as you feel good, everything would become your dream coming true.

For more wedding ideas to guide you before you tie the knot, tune in to the special feature dedicated for soon to be brides, Walk the Aisle. - (View Schedule)
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