Sustainability and Style Go Hand in Hand in Eco Fashion’s Third Season

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Fashion One’s hit original series Eco Fashion is back for its third season this month. Renewed for six episodes, each episode of Eco Fashion puts the spotlight on one designer or brand and takes you on a mind-opening journey into the world of sustainable fashion. With an increased call for environment awareness in our daily lives, there has never been a better time to learn about eco-friendly fashion.

From fabric scraps into couture bags to lingerie made out of pine tree fibers, Eco Fashion aims to show its viewers that sustainability and style go hand in hand. Each episode takes and in-depth look at the innovative materials and techniques that labels are using to create their sustainable garments and accessories. This series is not just about the end product, but about the eco-pioneers that create them and are leading the industry into a greener future.

The new season of Eco Fashion will spotlight designers like Ann Wiberg––whose Trash Couture line is a favorite amongst celebrities––and brands like Two Thirds––whose innovative designs are not just fashionable, but biodegradable.

Eco Fashion Season 3 premieres on Tuesday, March 22 at 21:30 (GMT+8) exclusively on Fashion One. Check your cable operators for your local TV channel listing.
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