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After meeting the beautiful (and super healthy) team at HIC juice, an organic and cold pressed juice detoxing brand from Singapore, we were inspired to share the top 5 health & detox tips we learned about maintaining holistic health and natural beauty.

1. Incorporate fresh fruits & vegetables into your daily diet.

Drinking fresh juice and eating produce daily will not only leave your skin brighter and glowing, it will also improve your digestive system and make you feel better overall. Inside the HIC juice office, we spied the team sipping on fresh juices as they typed away on their computers. It can be as easy as swapping your daily coffee for a fresh juice. Small changes to your daily habits can make a huge impact on your health and wellbeing.

2. Get 30 minutes of exercise 3 to 4 times a week.

Although it is easy to shrug off exercise out of sheer tiredness and a busy schedule, working out can actually boost your mood and energy levels, leaving you with more power to conquer your day. It is best to find a schedule and workout that suits your lifestyle, whether that be a hot yoga class, a run first thing in the morning or a swim at the pool. Boring exercises won’t take you very far; find a workout that you enjoy and you will be motivated and excited to get in your 30 minutes of sweat. Exercise improves your blood flow, which regulates digestion and healthy bowel movements.

3. Juice cleanse once a month or every 6 months.

To reset your system and cleanse out all of the built up toxins, a juice cleanse is recommended every month or 6 months depending on your lifestyle. Typically a juice cleanse lasts from 24 hours (beginner), 3 days (intermediate) or 5 days (advanced). During this time it is recommended to drink lots of hot lemon water in between juices, and to keep a positive mindset despite mental setbacks you may have. For some people a juice cleanse isn’t ideal, so even drinking one juice per day can improve your health.

4. Eat less processed foods.

Canned, frozen and pre-packaged foods may have the best taste at times, but they are also loaded with preservatives and lose their nutritional value as time passes. Processed foods are also the hardest to digest for your body. The best way to get the highest amount of nutrients in is to eat products as close to nature as possible (raw nuts, fresh fruits and veggies etc).

5. Keep a positive mindset.

Everything is in the mind and whether you tell yourself that you cannot or can do something, it will ring true for you. Many juice cleansers quit because they are looking for fast weight loss results or can’t move forward when the cleanse becomes too challenging. Keeping a positive mindset on your goals will help you get through setbacks and bring you to the finish line in your health and life goals.
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