DIY: Bath Bombs

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After a fun-filled and extremely busy holiday season, I’m ready for some much needed R&R- and what better way to relax then with a bath? These quick and easy DIY bath bombs will help you destress from start to finish. The process is nearly effortless, and the end result is a therapeutic and well-deserved bath.

Take some time out of your week to unwind with these easy bath bomb tutorials.

DIY: Bath Bombs

(Wendy Tung’s DIY bath bombs with sprinkles)

Sprinkle Bath Bombs:

This sprinkle and vanilla infused recipe is just the thing to relax your body and mind after the holidays.

Tea and Coconut Oil Bath Bombs:

This recipe uses coconut oil and tea for maximum moisturization and soothing.

Floral Bath Bombs:

This recipe is a LUSH-worthy dupe that is inspired by florals. The dried flowers and rose shape make these bath bombs both beautiful and relaxing.

After you’ve made them, store your bath bombs in a water resistant container, like a jar, or individually wrap them in plastic to prevent them from fizzing before bathtime.

Love DIY bath bombs? Tell us your favorite recipe in the comments below!
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