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From just simple clothes people think we wear to the discovery that there is no simplicity in anything. Anything you put on is a masterpiece of someone’s artistic work created with passion, love, and mind full of creativity.

On my journey of Fashion evolution I have realized to appreciate and love what I wear because everything around us is fashion. From the shoes we wear clothes, hair, makeup, food we eat and even our homes.

So today I am going to share some of my most favorite attires.

Since I have a small waist I take pride in wearing a pleated skirt with a wide waist band.The waist band gives emphasis to my waist and makes me look every bit elegant, and because of the chilly weather I pair it with some stockings to keep me warm.

Now there are two ways to wear the skirt, you can wear it with a boyfriend jacket to create an official look and without the jacket to just maintain a casual look.

From time to time, instead of wearing the little black dress i like to substitute it with an African print fitting dress to create my own identity, style and personality.

And lastly i would like to leave you with this today:

"Don't make Fashion own you but decide what you are and what to express." - Donatella Versace.

Peggie Rua
Peggie  Rua
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